Chicago New Media~1973-1992. as I see/saw history being marked and I walked among legends ~~~~~at Gallery 400 UIC

on 11.2.2018



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Gallery 400. Univ of Illinois. Installation view c. 2007 Nancy Bechtol. “Native Vibes”. trt 2:43. Large projection of digital art video included in the Chicago New Media 1973-1993. curated by jon cates. in the exhibition:: ARTISTS Craig Ahmer Dick Ainswoth Josephine Anstey Anna Anthropy National Center for Supercomputing Applications Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbitt)Bally Annette Barbier Geoffrey Allen Baum  Nancy Bechtol Natalie Bookchin Nick Britz Rachel Bronson Barry Brosch Drew Browning Lief Brush Charlie Chaplin Glen Charvat Carolina Cruz-Neira Jan Heyn Cubacub Jeffery Daniels Sumit  DasGreg Dawl Tom DeFanti Chip Dodsworth Margaret Dolinsky Cardboard Computer (Jake Elliott Jamie Fenton George Francis Janine Fron Jackbox Games Petra Gemeinboeck Azadeh Gholizadeh Copper Giloth Marientina Gotsis Rylin Harris John Hart Chris Hartman Alex Hill Louis Kauffman Chris Kemp Electronic Visualization Laboratory Ya Lu Lin Josephine Lipuma Doug Lofstrom Sara Ludy Richard Mandeberg Todd Margolis Stephan Meyers Midway Keith Miller Phil Morton Dan Neveu Rick Panzer Dave Pape Beth Cerny  Patiño Stu Pettigrew Dana Plepys Tim Portlock Sabrina Raaf Sticks Raboin William  Robertson  Jason Salavon Dan Sandin  Ellen Sandor Richard Sayre Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists  Mimi Shevitz Brenda Lopez  Silva  Bob Snyder Laurie Speigel  Essanay  Studio Barbara Sykes Jim Teister Gunether  TetzDiana  TorresJoseph Tremonti John Tsui  Jane Veeder Siebren  Versteeg Williams

For the REAL Scholarly and Documented history, refer to the catalogue, “Chicago New Media 1973-1992” by jonCates.

I will ramble with my thoughts, for history..

……… of consciousness on the show. opening. yes visionary…………………………….

thank you jon cates for making the history known, and including my work. wordless now..but visions persist. you make an excellent difference for many.

event of swirl of video/computer art history. I am overwhelmed by the power and creative vibe in the historians speak.

.and solo intense.. with hours and overnight with the magic..and my dear understanding and partner, David Bechtol, who is always there, understanding the mania.. and my opened my eyes to the IP Dan Sandin who brought a personal IP for exhibit, and the EVL ..CAVE views..and I do acknowledge ISM curator Jane Stevens, who showed so many, many over decades, of the artists in media, even before anyone would.. she would lift and carry TVs and do installations like no one I ever saw before, I so appreciate all, especially the “Electronic Immersions, featured at ISEA 1997 of which I was co-curator-catalogue available.. and I have unedited hours of interviews and on location including the legends..ah, some day, think it is on well a now obscure format…maybe I will dig that up. great stuff..I dream of finishing it after 11 years in the can…but the future always beckons..forward, the new horizon, been into it…and hearing..Oliver Grau, art historian with oversight, overview, context. grand. symposium… with all his reviews of creations. ..Drew Browning there, ever present on the scene, Ellen Sandor, who encouraged me to try the new VR. awe struck!! yes. Dana Plepys and so many more which took a while, or I missed, since it has been more than 30 years seeing most, and recognizing people over time…well. the pixels are everywhere. Jamie Fenton of famed glitches. and equal legend on the scene, and very animated .. manipulation of tv, the pixels, creating phosphorous light images projected from my mind directly to the the TV canvas. Intensely wonderful, Bob Snyder, Emu Sound synthesizer, of which I found myself in the advanced class, when I had no background in, but hey, artists create…and I created so much that it overflowed from sound to video and back in “1984, Under Surveillance” hands on including processing my “art sounds/music to my ears” banging of the depths of lockers to art performance.

and there is always MORE on the horizon…

spoke to Tom DeFanti, who I told him I was so very overwhelmed to be included in the show, and all I could think of to thank him..and of course, the statement that so often I voiced, paying tribute to the Pioneers in the Media who were my teachers and influencers.. ” I stand on shoulders of giants” to that he said, “yeah, my shoulders are getting pretty tired right now…”

legendary Chicago scene. I reflect on my mentor from SAIC.

I give tribute to the late, great, Phil Morton. founder of the Video Department at SAIC, and of Video Research Consultants, his shop. gave me first wack/job at the inner workings of Siggraph…San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis, the wise and wacky, keen eyes, insights.who taught me the Bally Basic, when seeing the circle cross the screen which took me 2 hours to do, with sound..who was a most amazing human I am forever grateful …and then code we were offered from Jane Veeder, and then it was more interesting, images, timing..who visited and shared often for MFA in the basement, and carrying the big heavy portapaks, which used the UMatic 3/4″ tape. and made lifelong friends which we called each other our “pack animals”: Michael Markowski, Stevo Wolfson, and Ken Monroe, with the conversations/comrades… Jessee Affelder, Mark Resch with Ron Grenko (RIP) and Mark Blottner,

Still. image L to R. K.Mack, Lee Groban and Peter Kostakis. at ARC Gallery, Groban and Bechtol Collaboration. from upcoming 2019 film:: “The Last Hippie: by the beard of Lee Groban” with narration by Vitto Carli, and film excepts from Frank Garvey. Produced by Shadow Bechtol Studio. David Bechtol, supreme Tech Guru and co-producer.

also….and enjoy knowing the mindset of

and there is always MORE on the horizon…

spoke to Tom DeFanti, who I told him I was so very overwhelmed to be included in the show, and all I could think of to thank him..and of course, the statement that so often I voiced, paying tribute to the Pioneers in the Media who were my teachers and influencers.. ” I stand on shoulders of giants” to that he said, “yeah, my shoulders are getting pretty tired right now…”

©photo by Mel Theobald. portrait of Nancy Bechtol. 2016 “in her own likeness”

Chicago New Media 72-92 curated by jon cates historic show with 100 media artists- Nov 1 opening

November 1–December 15, 2018

Gallery 400

videogameart gallery. curated by jon cates

400 South Peoria Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607

organized by Video Game Art Gallery

Chicago New Media 1973–1992, curated by jonCates

with curatorial assistance by Jonathan Kinkley and Chaz Evans

funded by the Terra Foundation for American Art as part of Art Design Chicago

in partnership with the Electronic Visualization Lab at The University

of Illinois at Chicago


and with additional support from The Chicago Community Trust and the

Goethe-Institute Chicago

I am so honored to be included in this historic show. ah, longevity has its rewards. standing, once again on shoulders of giants! Special thanks to jon cates, curator and chair New Media, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. SAIC, who had the vision to include me (ha ha..) about 100 strong in this show! I am alum of SAIC, my mentor was Phil Morton, tributes to the Video Research Consultants, his company, which I worked at for several of the SIGGRAPH conventions.

and of Course.. the reigning cosmic Dan Sandin! creator of the Image Processor, which has burned a hole in my mind’s eye, all theses years with that famous green light!

Chicago New Media 1973 – 1992, which we have been

talking about for a long time now 🙂 thank you so much for being a

part of this! as we have discussed, your project

Native Dance Vibrations will be shown in:

SAIC Nancy Bechtol MFA 1984Chicago New Media 1973–1992, curated by jon Cates

dates of exhibition: November 1–December 15, 2018

“Native Vibes” video by Nancy Bechtol (2009)

Keeping pace with tribal rhythms from the drum circle, images of dancers and the swirling colors of their mind-bending regalia are sliced, diced, and reassembled in eye-opening ways. These fragments are shuffle played in structural designs which suggest both the beating of the heart and similar movements occurring in Nature. 

 Distorted like primordial deities seen only in dreams, the (headless) “inverted” native dancers with feet simultaneously on the earth and in the ether are apt symbols for Bechtol’s transformations from psychedelic to cosmic. 

 Continuity is maintained in the morphing manner of a kaleidoscope (sic) as oscillations evolve from micro to macro, evoking initially the throb of cellular organisms and later the revolutions of planetary bodies.

Peter Kostakis

Writer and Critic, Chicago


Max Eternity posts

max eternity posts

November 1–December 15, 2018

Gallery 400

400 South Peoria Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607

Nevertheless She Persisted: Women of Courage, Tenacity, and Strength :: 90 women in juried show at Koehnline Museum.> Nancy Bechtol work included*)


September 27 – October 19, 2018

A tradition at the Koehnline is its annual collaboration with the Women and Gender Studies program to bear witness to the many creative women sharing their unique visions in the visual, literary, and performing arts. Nevertheless She Persisted focuses on the reserves of strength and resilience women display. We see it in the courage of women in emerging grassroots movements such as #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, the National Women’s Marches, the LGBTQIA+ and international human rights movements, and the remarkable young leaders of the Parkland survivors. It rises in the determination of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Dolores Huerta, Elizabeth Warren, and countless others trying to break the glass ceiling in U.S. government and politics.

Public Reception: Thursday, September 27, 5 – 8 p.m.

Koehnline Museum Of Art 1600 E Golf Rd, Des Plaines, Illinois 60016

“Nevertheless She Persisted: Women of Courage, Tenacity and Strength “From labor movements to athletics, from business to the media, politics and the arts, women today are making waves, working to create a better world for themselves, their families, and for us all. For this year’s annual juried women’s art exhibition, Oakton WGS, in collaboration with the Koehnline Museum of Art, invited artists to submit pieces that celebrate women who persist. You are cordially invited to join us for a gala opening night reception honoring the artists and their work. The show opens September 27 and runs until October 19. For more info

“Liberty Welcomes Ancestors and Immigrants”    2018 photomontage on aluminum substrate and mixed media including written segments Emma Lazarus poem..”give me your poor…” and 2 QR codes.


hashtag#photographers hashtag#liberty

WGS Women’s Art Exhibit Opening Reception Public · Hosted by Oakton WGS hashtag#arthashtag#inspiration hashtag#socialmediahashtag#persistence

Embrace summer: DB HZ panoramas and NB VRTCL panoramas. NOW 2018

Leaving Seward via Resurrection BayHubbard GlacierLost Artists Features

DAVID BECHTOL.  wall installation panoramas Alaska (above)

EMBRACE summer
NANCY BECHTOL. wall installation vertical pano series: Body Wraps (above)
2630 W. Fletcher
The Lost Artists Colony
Chicago (North Side)*, IL 60647
June 9th – June 9th

Opening: June 9th 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
one day only. all welcome. free event

SWAN featured Nancy Bechtol – Women March to the Polls! 2018 Photography

Chicago SWAN Event Features Nancy Bechtol’s Photos of Chicago Women’s March 2018
Women's March Photo by Nancy Bechtol
Over 300,000 flooded the streets for Chicago’s Women’s March to the Polls in January 2018. The turnout exceeded the wildest expectations of the March organizers.

APA photojournalist Nancy Bechtol documented over 6 hours of the powerful event. She will exhibit a selection of her photographs of this historic march on April 14 from 5 – 9 p.m. at Lost Artists Colony, 2630 W. Fletcher Street, Chicago, IL 60618.


SWAN at Lost Artists Colony

SWAN. Support Women Artists Now Feature

Chicago: 1/20/18 Women’s March to the Polls!

#womensmarchchi March to the Polls!

A most Historic moment. 300,000 strong voices in Chicago, and also all over the World, on January 20th 2018. I share my views from on location.

I was powered by the energy, diversity, and all the wonderous moment that kept unveiling themselves- in the faces of determination. Of voices to be heard and recognized. Of the women, strong. Of the allies united, men, children, youngest to oldest, people with disabilities, all marching.

The mission of Women’s March is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. Women’s March is a women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists & organizers

I shot over 700 photos in the 6 hours I documented the day. My physical endurance was increased with each sign and face I saw, a nod of encouragement. onward… Also, video clips. a week later, I am still sorting and editing with amazement of “We the People”

I am sure I will be exhibiting many, –in search of a venue–but for now, in the moment, I am sharing some with you via social media and the impressive international website, Social Documentary.

Power to the People. Free Speech. Freedom of the Press, in whatever format–shoot photos, video, share, post!! We all need to be strong for democracy and our future!

If you wish to see a few more, here is the link:: thanks!

Nancy Bechtol : SDN WomenMarch 2018