MUSIC courtesy of Hey Now Records for indie film ” Free Speech & the T.J. of Chris Drew Street Artist”
this is the album they gave to the film courtesy and available at link above

Silkscreen images below by Carlos Cortez(arrest) and Diane Berek,(No Justice..) members of the Uptown Mult-Cultural Arts Center

Hey Now Records comments on “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” (release 2014)  a film by Nancy BechtolChrisDrewMayDay_PatchesSDNNebulaSky_Instense_FINCov_WEBXcc1berek01
“The music of Behind The Sun, a duo consisting of Andy Alton and David Mansfield, will be featured in a 99 minute movie documenting the legal struggle of Chris Drew, Patron Saint of Street Artists. Chris Drew was arrested on a bogus eavesdropping charge, but fought until the day he died to clear his name. Needing that one last element for her movie, filmmaker Nancy Bechtol got in touch with us to see if she could use songs from Behind The Sun’s debut release “Paper Airplane” to help give the Chris Drew story the musical backdrop that would help convey one of the most inspirational stories you’ll ever hear.”

– David Mansfield                                  

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The Real Story: Arrested for Peddling – Charged with Class 1 Felony under ILL Eavesdropping Law

The Real Story: Arrested for Peddling – Charged under ILL Eavesdropping Law

“Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” ©2014

Trailer: (film in preview preparing for release)

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Nancy Bechtol, director/producer/artist

Chris Drew on location Silkscreening at May Day Rally ©nancy bechtol

Chris Drew on location Silkscreening at May Day Rally ©nancy bechtol


Chris Drew, street artist and activist, was selling art for $1 in downtown Chicago to protest the Chicago Peddlers Ordinance since he believed Art is Speech, a First Amendment Right. Those charges were dropped and replaced with a serious Class One Felony Eavesdropping charge, for audio recording his own arrest. Nine police officers with a Homeland Security detail arrested him. With 2 pro bono lawyers, he challenged for over 2.5 years in court, The Illinois Eavesdropping Law,which carried a 4 – 15 years in prison if convicted. His case and cause drew nationwide and even international attention Both traditional and social media covered the unbelievable case of C Drew. This is a true story.

Production notes: Covering the incredible Drew Journey, 2009-2012, Includes footage from marches and protests 2003-2011, including Occupy Chicago, street scenes shot on 5 different formats, including 2 cell phones.

Epilogue: In 2014, The Illinois Supreme Court abolished the law delclaring it unconstitutional.

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