The Last Hippie Freak: By the Beard of LEE GROBAN IS a wild indie romp & of a arty film. Release Fall 2019 see trailer now!



Truly, the Experience of a Lifetime. I knew Lee and ongoing documented him,  as a friend, for 25 years.  here you now see it mashed up in an unusual arty romp..like a time arts work. of an artist, made by an artist. so expect the unexpected non linear abstract narrative.  just experience it with an open mind.

43 min (TBR Fall 2019)

Lee Groban, art of the spirit. c. nancy bechtol

last-hippie-colorfulspiralsmltrailer is HERE!! view and do let me know any comments, appreciate the journey.

Peace and Art always,

a film by Nancy Bechtol

feature is Lee Groban and his experiences in arty format

see hear clips from Frank Garvey, of Omnicircus legendary S.F. scene. and Leviathan

see hear stories by Narrator Vitto Carli, who is also a poet of note

ongoing endless thanks to David Bechtol Tech Guru and all around the best supporter of all things weird i do….and more forevermore

Shadow Bechtol Studios. c. 2019

contact: nbechtol@ameritech.net

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LEE GROBAN film The Last Hippie Freak..

Update info and more


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