OKEE-CHEE’S VISION on CANTV19 See it! 9/18 and 9/25

This is Indian Land-Okee-Chee’s Vision is an intimate portrait of one of the oldest Indian Centers in the USA. Filmed at the original location in Chicago. Native American History through the eyes of first time director, and Fort Sill Apache Sioux.

Tribute to the American Indian Center

CANTV, Channel 19

sept 18 12 pm Saturday

sept 25 1:10 pm Saturday

sept 25 6:55 pm Saturday

CAN TV – CHICAGO ACCESS NETWORK TV. OKEE-Chee a special Viewing Opportunity!

Sharon (Little Blue Bird) Okee -Chee Skolnick, Fort Sill Apache Sioux , Woman Director, and Shadow Bechtol Studio, are So very honored to have “This Is Indian Land: Okee-Chee’s Vision” showing on Chicago Access Network TV

See it on your TV! Honoring the American Indian Center of Chicago, a true gift to the community:

Poster design by Nancy Bechtol with photo strip of people i. by David Bechtol photos are of Interviewed by Sharon Okee-Chee Skolnick, Dir 2017© Shadow Bechtol Studio.

September 2021

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