Women’s March. Chicago. & 60 artists are”Seeing RED”@ ARC Gallery

Seeing RED show at ARC Feb 2017

clik above to see details on the ARC Gallery exhibit opening Feb 3, Friday. All invited to witness the power of RED.  60 artists with vast views of the power of RED. included in the show are photos I shot at the Women’s March in Chicago.

Dateline, Chicago. 1/21.2017 A.D./C.E. Being on the streets of Chicago with 250,000 active participants was to be in an embrace..unlike any other …speaking in a unified voice, speaking out on the issues with signs and movements, Indeed.

this is our time.We the people.As a lifelong Chicagoan, artist,and APA photojournalist I documented and engaged.  familiar with many past marches I was compelled do what I could to capture, I also wanted to share history, to share the images. You are welcome (for personal use only) to view, and comment, share, and download, especially if you see yourself or those who express your views.

If you would like to inquire about these photos, or to request commercial or professional use in digital or print, feel free to contact me.  on  www.aHere is the link I am sharing, to the Album on Flickr, of over 400 photos:

Women’ March Chicago. Close up art/photo view for History


Spread the word. the power of the people is Powerful.

in Peace through Justice,

Nancy Bechtol