PRESS RELEASE:: “The Last Hippie Freak: By the Beard of LEE GROBAN” the 25 year-in-the-making – indie film TBR 2019!


15 August 2019  –

For Immediate Release

The filmmaker, Nancy Bechtol, gives us a 43 minute romp of an indie film, and full engagement with the artist, the happening, the time. 

Film To Be Released FALL 2019.

Nancy Bechtol, creator, on IMDb

“The Last Hippie FREAK: By the Beard of Lee Groban”  is an aural and visual experience and the essential story of the poet and artist whose mind, body and spirit exploded on the stages, galleries, and underground locations in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Canada and reaching many beyond.

lee be art

LEE GROBAN in a multi-sensory approach is synonymous with the 60s and 70s. Lee elevated the divine status of “Hippie”. His art was his life. Original and really capturing the time in this artistic film.


On this 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, it is fitting to reflect on an age of innocence and a time when the artist and the lifestyle was the definition of Freedom!  Hear Lee speak about Woodstock in this film with his colorful oratory. Hear Lee powerfully recite sections from the “Cure for Insomnia” AT 87 HOURS, LISTED IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF FACTS AND FEATS BEATING OUT ANDY WARHOL’s Film. Additionally, LEE’S POEM IS OVER 5,700 PAGES.

Film Trailer 2019 HERE


Who are—dare we say—not just viewers, but actual fans and participants?

Over 4 decades, Lee Groban elevated the experience as his book states “Higher than the Ground” generating his playful words and art, music, vocals/performances, poetry .

Lee Groban Images available on SAATCHI

This film is in cooperation with Frank Garvey, OmniCircus, S.F. Omnicircus on wiki,and includes excerpts from his masterful film, “Leviathan”.  Frank Garvey – OmniCircus bio

frankgarvey CU

Vittorio Carli, Vittorio Carli – art is the Narrator and storyteller, Vito Carli – some info he knew Lee for quite some time as a friend and poet, and gives personal  insight into a man not many really knew.

vitowith colorblockd

David Bechtol,  David Bechtol fine art photo portfolio is the Tech Guru and Production Supervisor of Shadow Bechtol Studio, who produced this film, and wrangled the original footage and photography which was shot on archaic formats in a collection of 100s of hours.


It took Nancy Bechtol  Nancy Bechtol Art Portfolio the artist/filmmaker, a while, 25 years to create the film,  and now she crystallized it to a 43 min gem. An artistic film based on true life and events surrounding Lee Groban.

Contact: Nancy Bechtol



The Last Hippie Freak: By the Beard of LEE GROBAN IS a wild indie romp & of a arty film. Release Fall 2019 see trailer now!



Truly, the Experience of a Lifetime. I knew Lee and ongoing documented him,  as a friend, for 25 years.  here you now see it mashed up in an unusual arty a time arts work. of an artist, made by an artist. so expect the unexpected non linear abstract narrative.  just experience it with an open mind.

43 min (TBR Fall 2019)

Lee Groban, art of the spirit. c. nancy bechtol

last-hippie-colorfulspiralsmltrailer is HERE!! view and do let me know any comments, appreciate the journey.

Peace and Art always,

a film by Nancy Bechtol

feature is Lee Groban and his experiences in arty format

see hear clips from Frank Garvey, of Omnicircus legendary S.F. scene. and Leviathan

see hear stories by Narrator Vitto Carli, who is also a poet of note

ongoing endless thanks to David Bechtol Tech Guru and all around the best supporter of all things weird i do….and more forevermore

Shadow Bechtol Studios. c. 2019


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LEE GROBAN film The Last Hippie Freak..

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Fort Sill Apache Woman Director: THIS IS INDIAN LAND. FILM preview! (trailer released)

“THIS IS INDIAN LAND” first peek at the Trailer!

This is an Indie film produced by Shadow Bechtol Studio. Chicago. Sharon Okee-Chee Skolnick, Fort Sill Apache is the Director with a deep vision of telling the story through the eyes of Native People from the American Indian Center.  David Bechtol, Director of Photography/Tech Supervisor and Nancy Bechtol, Cinematographer/Editor/SFX

Clik here:: Trailer for This is Indian Land

thanks for viewing and all the interest in this truly unique film ! your feedback welcome.  More as it comes.. Currently in Postproduction. Do send good vibes our way. Indie is awesome but DIY truly is an eyeopener…yes,  we will prevail for true history.  Release for 2017.


By the Beard of the Last Hippie : LEE GROBAN (tba. soon a film)

By the Beard of the Last Hippie : LEE GROBAN (tba. soon a film) Cure for Insomnia found!

by the Beard of

..LEE GROBAN    (gesture pound chest and give the Rest in Power gesture 3x) …it’s a drag..


(above is a short, not the “official trailer for the upcoming movie, but you have a bit of a taste)

If I could write across the sky, for all to see it would be this:

“Legendary Artist,/Poet, LEE GROBAN, fnally finds the “CURE for INSOMNIA!”

…And the word is, there was a ripple in the fabric of the Cosmos, embracing LEE into infinity..enjoying,

 experiencing the ultimate trip.

To describe Lee is to indeed, describe the indescribable…an artist, a scholarly researcher of obscure names, a Chicago Icon. A very interesting being. A good man.

You did not just know Lee, You Experienced him. Truly. What I ..and I am sure many can relate to, the “Lee Groban Experience”i

…at this point every one of you can fill the blank space,with the stories, the memories you have of Lee,

And they may pop in your mind, in most unusual ways, to remind you of your connection with him as Indelible tattoos on our souls.

I first met Lee in the late 70s—Lee was performing spoken word, poetry, with his amazing ,body gyrations and stunning vocals at the Omega Center, a hip Chicago Venue using Laser lights and psychedelic multimedia Time arts, with his artist friends, Frank Garvey, (of OmniCircus, San Francisco) and Michael Markowski (Director/ musician/Video artist)

it was intensely overwhelming attack of all your senses—in a good way.

Decades of Art and Poetry..

Lee was at I believe at every festival that existed,  including his art wanderings to places like the Rainbow Festival, New York, Calif, and Canada and beyond, which he reveled in, as he would say, “getting exposure” for his work. A fixture at the Chicago Art Scene. (and banned by some of the “best” galleries in River North”

Lee loved an audience, he intensely embraced the Poetry Scene (and the poets really understood him), as he would say they dug me..Lee was an enthusiastic performer live and on videos –And in his daily life as an artist.

The last art show Lee collaborated with me on was at the Zhou Bros Art Center, at the 4Art Inc , “Somnambulist” curated by Jenny Lam. (under the auspices of Robin Rios, artist, director and mentor)

The subject was an art/installation tribute I made of Lee, 2010, the title,

“at second glance, you notice something is different, Lee is dreaming…”

The Lee Groban Experience wove into the fabric of the Chicago Art Scene for over 4 decades. With his unique and personal visions. It was a gift to know him.

Finally, a quote, I stole off a video interview on poets– by the artist Wes Heine,

Lee said:




By the beard of.. Lee Groban


As spoken by

…Nancy Bechtol

at the Memorial tribute

 held at Packer Schopf Gallery

942 W. Lake Street. Chicago    December 17, 2011