PRESS RELEASE:: “The Last Hippie Freak: By the Beard of LEE GROBAN” the 25 year-in-the-making – indie film TBR 2019!


15 August 2019  –

For Immediate Release

The filmmaker, Nancy Bechtol, gives us a 43 minute romp of an indie film, and full engagement with the artist, the happening, the time. 

Film To Be Released FALL 2019.

Nancy Bechtol, creator, on IMDb

“The Last Hippie FREAK: By the Beard of Lee Groban”  is an aural and visual experience and the essential story of the poet and artist whose mind, body and spirit exploded on the stages, galleries, and underground locations in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Canada and reaching many beyond.

lee be art

LEE GROBAN in a multi-sensory approach is synonymous with the 60s and 70s. Lee elevated the divine status of “Hippie”. His art was his life. Original and really capturing the time in this artistic film.


On this 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, it is fitting to reflect on an age of innocence and a time when the artist and the lifestyle was the definition of Freedom!  Hear Lee speak about Woodstock in this film with his colorful oratory. Hear Lee powerfully recite sections from the “Cure for Insomnia” AT 87 HOURS, LISTED IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF FACTS AND FEATS BEATING OUT ANDY WARHOL’s Film. Additionally, LEE’S POEM IS OVER 5,700 PAGES.

Film Trailer 2019 HERE


Who are—dare we say—not just viewers, but actual fans and participants?

Over 4 decades, Lee Groban elevated the experience as his book states “Higher than the Ground” generating his playful words and art, music, vocals/performances, poetry .

Lee Groban Images available on SAATCHI

This film is in cooperation with Frank Garvey, OmniCircus, S.F. Omnicircus on wiki,and includes excerpts from his masterful film, “Leviathan”.  Frank Garvey – OmniCircus bio

frankgarvey CU

Vittorio Carli, Vittorio Carli – art is the Narrator and storyteller, Vito Carli – some info he knew Lee for quite some time as a friend and poet, and gives personal  insight into a man not many really knew.

vitowith colorblockd

David Bechtol,  David Bechtol fine art photo portfolio is the Tech Guru and Production Supervisor of Shadow Bechtol Studio, who produced this film, and wrangled the original footage and photography which was shot on archaic formats in a collection of 100s of hours.


It took Nancy Bechtol  Nancy Bechtol Art Portfolio the artist/filmmaker, a while, 25 years to create the film,  and now she crystallized it to a 43 min gem. An artistic film based on true life and events surrounding Lee Groban.

Contact: Nancy Bechtol


Alternative posting: MOCA|Modern Cannabis…Down the rabbit hole

Special Alternative Posting “magical mystery tour” (sigh) of Modern Cannabis. by MadPalX  (yes, the “REAL” article will be posted with American Press Assoc.-by and by.)

©2016 MadPalX  photos, art and story

….And now for the “Magical Mystery tour”(sigh) of Modern Cannabis:


A VERY long LONG time ago. NOW.A.D/C.E. 2016..scored a daytrip to brand new Pot digs, in ‘da hood’ open house at MOCA… all rainbow light, shock & awe.. followed the cool white rabbit frantically checking his ancient timepiece, flashback..i followed.. breathe..hmm..running late for party…in da hood.. hoppin’ out of dreary street.. brain searing brightly arty colored graffiti boarded up front hole .eyes everywhere…I tumbled in..down, down, down the rabbit hole. spinning..timeless…what a long strange trip..messy enough to harken all heads to the party, welcoming.. Art everywhere, of entrancing psychedelic colours vibrating..tye dye art, black lite glowing (wear white), on beings past and present …mandalas grabbed the cave walls… Upon entry there was the undeniable true sweet smells of..wait!.. grass brownies, yum, and weed munchies galore, and other hippie treats, and ahha yee hah!, the Hooka Caterpiller was gently..on the move and offering SAGE advice. Of how to get FROM HERE… to there… spiritual guides// high reputation..intricate Indian Rugs grounding me to floor released and calmed space ..forest of many good plants grew tall and strong..for those too bummed to hunt and gather themselves a haven..more greeting, healing, and all warmly…the sound of sitars…all music..lights.. beckoned weary soul, mind, body, as I entered the magical space embraced by friendly people of all kinds, and all things righteous appeared/vanished/appeared/reappeard. to make it really good and comfy.. and most of all they are there to help to ease the pain and suffering of the weary tribes…gathering for safe haven..(ingest) (insert) (wave) peace sign and a group all ways…Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness & Cannabis all LOVE.