“We made a very good team” Widow speaks on their Lives together : Deborah & Chris Drew

I would have to describe him as dynamic..I never experienced a person being so enthusiastic about their dream that the energy just flew off them!”

“We made a very good team”Deborah Drew, the widow of Chris, speaks of their life together.

Interview and video by Nancy Bechtol, APA photojournalist. ©2012 Excerpt. Deborah Drew, widow of Chris Drew, from the Chris Drew Legacy Interviews in the series of 16 people sharing insights to the artist/activist and his life work. Chris’ journey went from a First Amendment Challenge (represented by Mark Weinberg, Civil Rights Attorney) to criminal charges of Class 1 Felony Eavesdropping (represented by Criminal Defense Attorney Josh Kutnick) which carried a possible 4-15 years in jail. The law was declared unconstitutional May 7, 2012 by Judge Sacks. Nancy Bechtol, who, on Chris’ request, documented his activism/art for over the years. Finally, in March 2014, the Illinois Eavesdropping Law was abolished by the Illinois Supreme Court.

See/Hear the Deborah Drew, Widow of Chris Drew’s Interview:


Link to the film trailer :


Much more information about Chris Drew and this film can be found on Nancy Bechtol’s website

1.14.14 Chicago Premiere info



Arts|Activism|Community: Wapahi speaks on CDrew

Robert Wapahi – Dakota- Nebraska, NE_ Artist. Chris Drew Legacy Interview -5 by Nancy Bechtol

Robert Wapahi is Native American Artist and former Board member of the Uptown Multi-Cultural Arts Center (UM-CAC)_Chris Legacy– Interview by Nancy Bechtol, APA Photojournalist. On location. The American Indian Center. Chicago. Chris Drew, was the Exec. Director of UM-CAC(volunteer position) located/housed at AIC for 25 years. on the 3rd floor and was a part of the community and taught many how to silkscreen for free, use and repair computers and helped bridge the digital divide in the community., and participated, and helped develop programs at the AIC. This video is in a series of people sharing insights to the artist/activist and his life.

SEE/Hear Robert Waphai on YouTube interview:


“He is the only person I have seen come through here (the American Indian Center) that would avail himself to anybody, he didn’t care who they were ..he talked to everyone. He always made a statement..his focus was the arts and how to make it accessible. He was not bashful about making a statement how he felt about driving while “black or brown”.. we still have not forgotten him.”

Robert is featured in the indie feature documentary, by Nancy Bechtol


“Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” (99 min) film by Nancy Bechtol.  Music by Behind the Sun – Andy Alton & David Mansfield “Paper Airplane” courtesy of Hey Now Records. http://www.heynowrecords.com

The film- will have its Chicago premiere on November 14 at the Logan Theater.

Spirits in Logan Theatre welcome the Film – Tech Check Good to go for 11.14.14!

Chris Drew on location Silkscreening at May Day Rally ©nancy bechtol

Chris Drew on location Silkscreening at May Day Rally ©nancy bechtol

Logan Theatre Tech Check location shot (1 of 1)-4Logan Theatre Tech Check location shot (1 of 1)-3Logan Theatre Tech Check location shot (1 of 1)-2NebulaSky_Instense_FINCov_WEBX

Logan Theatre Tech Check MarkWeinberg_Logan tech check (1 of 1)-2

Logan Theatre Tech Check Chris_shot frm projection booth (1 of 1)

READY | Logan Tech Check Good 2 go! 11.14.14.

View of the Logan Theatre from Projection Booth (with Orlando, he is surrounded with films high above all and makes the magic happen) photos also shot in theatre 2- secretly known as the haunted theatre. The spirits welcomed the film! Tech Check good. “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” (99 min) film by Nancy Bechtol. Music by Behind the Sun- Andy Alton & David Mansfield-“Paper Airplane” courtesy of Hey Now Records. http://www.heynowrecords.com. It was amazing to see the film- shot in 5 formats from DSLR to Cell and whatever I had at the time) that took 5 years (plus clips from 10 yrs ago of peace marches in 2002 and on the streets, including Occupy 2011 and the Critical Mass tribute ride for Chris 2012) In gratitude for being able to tell the story, finally. hope you can see this one. very Chicago with the deep commitment of a determined spirit, Chris Drew. Yes, the Spirits of Theatre 2 welcomed him. smile.

Special “sneek preview short” Chris Drew’s Free Speech Challenge

Special “preview short” Chris Drew’s Free Speech Challenge

Special “preview short video” herein (4.30 min) highlights the struggle for free speech and rights as citizens- which impacts us all. Includes interview by WGN on the street, first dollar for sale of Art Patch, and clip of arrest. Upcoming 11.14.14 feature indie documentary (99 min) Premieres at Logan Theatre Fri eve- tickets now online and at box -one night only. “Free Speech & the...more

Chris Drew – Protests Chicago’s Peddlers License- Street Artist…
Chris Drew has been fighting to repeal the 1994 Chicago Peddler’s license which prohibits aritists to sell their art in Chicago. This video shows Chis on location downtown selling art, being interviewed by WBBM AM Radio 780. He was…

Chicago indie film indie music coming soon~ all the way the Heartbeat

Chicago Indie with Indie Music on Local Feature film 11.14.14

Chicago indie all the way-and very timely…Listen to clips from the songs/Album which is the Heartbeat of the story. true. featured on the soon to be Chicago Premiere, 11.14.14. at the Logan Theatre. “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” http://lnkd.in/dK3CuNU
Behind the Sun. Andy Alton & David Mansfield..

Search for : singles and album Paper Airplane 44.1k

Information About The Different Formats 96k – This is a high resolution audio format (higher sample rate than standard CD quality and a higher bit rate than CD quality as well) and highly recommended for the audiophile in…

Patron Saint of Street Artists frees all from Illinois Eavesdropping Law! You may have known him..

Patron Saint of Street Artists frees all from Illinois Eavesdropping Law!

🙂 just google -patron saint of street artists- and you will see!

Chris Drew (1950-2012) nicknamed “Patron Saint of Street Artists” for his devotion to grassroots artists through the non-profit organization he headed, Uptown Multicultural Arts Center (UMCAC)–for 25 years housed at the American Indian Center in Uptown, Chicago. Chris Drew, a non-paid Exec. Director, taught hundreds how to use computers bridging the digital divide for underserved, and how to silkscreen and with a goal of how to market their wares-make a living with art.

Film Premiere Recalls Street Artist Who Fought Illinois…

Chicago Premiere of Indie feature documentary film at Logan Theatre on 11.14.14 was made in the Windy City – “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” (99 min)Chris Drew UMCACreads tribune news Ill Law decared unconstitutioart Chriscropped-actfreechris_occupy-chicagonotxt_aic.jpgbechtol film_small posterWEB

11.14. 14 indie film which impacts us all – we all win!

Dateline: Chicago. USA. Chicago Premiere at Logan Theatre. ON 11.14.14 here are media links and on IMDb for the deep background of this social documentary indie film by Nancy Bechtol. Indie Music courtesy of Hey Now Records. heynowrecords.com Chris Drew, street:

Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist (2014) official sites, and other sites with posters, videos, photos and more.

Chris Drew’s own words.. beyond the grave –Echo: Nick Digilio Show WGN with Tony Fitzpatrick and Dimitri Samarov

Flashback Nov 2009 Just came across this in my files, and felt compelled to share. The interview no longer readily found online. A segment is in the feature documentary “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” release 2014.

Chris Drew had spoken to me shortly after the radio interview.on the Nick Digilio WGN radio program– Essentially verbal attack on Chris calling him a “mook” and dismissing his mission in art and social justice..by the guests, Tony Fitzpatrick and to a lesser degree, Dimitri Samarov.
Remember all you write is for history, and may be passed on, and you are responsible for all you do/say!  This attachment is Chris Drew Post on his own Blog

Note that this attached pdf is taken as is from Chris Drew Blog, and now the LINKS are no longer active/or appropriate.
C Drew speaks Tony Fitzpatrick_Samarov on Digilio Show- his BLOGxcropped-actfreechris_occupy-chicagonotxt_aic.jpg

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