Special “sneek preview short” Chris Drew’s Free Speech Challenge

Special “preview short” Chris Drew’s Free Speech Challenge

Special “preview short video” herein (4.30 min) highlights the struggle for free speech and rights as citizens- which impacts us all. Includes interview by WGN on the street, first dollar for sale of Art Patch, and clip of arrest. Upcoming 11.14.14 feature indie documentary (99 min) Premieres at Logan Theatre Fri eve- tickets now online and at box -one night only. “Free Speech & the...more

Chris Drew – Protests Chicago’s Peddlers License- Street Artist…
Chris Drew has been fighting to repeal the 1994 Chicago Peddler’s license which prohibits aritists to sell their art in Chicago. This video shows Chis on location downtown selling art, being interviewed by WBBM AM Radio 780. He was…

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