“We made a very good team” Widow speaks on their Lives together : Deborah & Chris Drew

I would have to describe him as dynamic..I never experienced a person being so enthusiastic about their dream that the energy just flew off them!”

“We made a very good team”Deborah Drew, the widow of Chris, speaks of their life together.

Interview and video by Nancy Bechtol, APA photojournalist. ©2012 Excerpt. Deborah Drew, widow of Chris Drew, from the Chris Drew Legacy Interviews in the series of 16 people sharing insights to the artist/activist and his life work. Chris’ journey went from a First Amendment Challenge (represented by Mark Weinberg, Civil Rights Attorney) to criminal charges of Class 1 Felony Eavesdropping (represented by Criminal Defense Attorney Josh Kutnick) which carried a possible 4-15 years in jail. The law was declared unconstitutional May 7, 2012 by Judge Sacks. Nancy Bechtol, who, on Chris’ request, documented his activism/art for over the years. Finally, in March 2014, the Illinois Eavesdropping Law was abolished by the Illinois Supreme Court.

See/Hear the Deborah Drew, Widow of Chris Drew’s Interview:


Link to the film trailer :


Much more information about Chris Drew and this film can be found on Nancy Bechtol’s website

1.14.14 Chicago Premiere info



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