Chris Drew and Supporters Speak: Echoes of Artist vs 1st Class Felony

Free Speech! Rights vs 1st Class Felony

Chris Drew and Supporters Speak: Echoes of Artist vs 1st Class Felony

Drew’s Rights upheld in ruling in court 2012, probono attorney, Joshua Kutnick, defended vs Ill State Attorney Alvarez. Judge Sacks declared, “wholly innocent conduct”

in 2014, March, the Illinois Eavesdropping Law was abolished by the Illinois Supreme Court.

see the legacy footage which was posted during Chris Drew’s Court Case, as he and supporters, on the streets of Chicago speak!

the lady said an important thing.”knowledge is power” that’s why they want to take your rights away. So you have no power and they can hide truth. FIGHT ON PEOPLE.. – anon-blog comment

This video clip shows Chris Drew and supporters on the streets giving away art from the “Art Patch Project” a community effort from UM-CAC, Uptown Multicultural Arts Center. posted on YouTube, during the court case of Chris Drew. 1.26.2010 TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS OF CHICAGO. Downtown Chris Drew and supporters bring the Felony eavesdropping charges to the public. The Channel 2 CBS news, responds with 5pm dynamic and supportive piece on the issues. The broadcast piece includes clips from this videographer’s youtube video on the arrest of Chris Drew.

Chicago Premiere at the Logan Theatre ,” Free Speech and the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” by Nancy Bechtol. Featuring indie Music by Behind the Sun-Andy Alton & David Mansfield “Paper Airplane” courtesy of Hey Now Records one night only – 11.14.14 Friday 7:30 PM

See/Hear the Nancy Bechtol interview by Dan O’Donnell – Logan Square TV

An important documentary about street artist Chris Drew, and his felony trial for recording police, will premiere at The Logan Theatre on November 14.

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