11.14.14 Soon! Readying for the Chicago Premiere. Film Poster delivered today!

  • FILM-_Bechtol_Logan-BIGPOSTER_wb

    Nancy Bechtol. 2014. illustration. poster 27″x39″ for the indie feature doc Chicago Premiere.

    Logan Theatre Tech Check MarkWeinberg_Logan tech check (1 of 1)-2

    photo by Nancy Bechtol. The Logan Theatre. Chicago. 11.14.14 showing Chicago Premiere of “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist”

    Logan Theatre Tech Check location shot (1 of 1)-3

    photo by Nancy Bechtol. Tech Check. good to go! says Orlando, projectionist,at Logan Theatre. in prep for the Chicago Premiere. on screen in Theatre 2, Chris Drew.

    Logan Theatre Tech Check location shot (1 of 1)-4

    photo by Nancy Bechtol. at the Tech Check for the film. all good! Chicago Premiere at Logan Theatre, 11.14.14. on screen is Mark Weinberg, probono Attorney for Chris.


    cover design for Paper Airplane Album, by Behind the Sun, Andy Alton and David Mansfield. featured music in the feature doc courtesy of heynowrecords.com album cover art by Nancy Bechtol.

    Logan Theatre Tech Check Chris_shot frm projection booth (1 of 1)

    photo by Nancy Bechtol at the Logan Theatre Tech Check for film premiere. 11.14.14. Chicago. on screen is Chris Drew as he places the audio recorder in his pocket, about 30 min. before his arrest.

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