IDEA MAN>Grimm Reaper| Free S.A.M|Schupp & Drew

RonSchupp_Idea-ManIDEA MAN >Grimm Reaper| Free S.A.M | Schupp & Drew

Chris Drew knew how to include other people…he was a very all inclusive person…Chris would call me the Idea Man, since I would come up with all sorts of ideas for artwork..(etc.) that is what I do in the movement (Occupy).

He would ride his bike and have all these saddle bags and have all this screen print stuff, and we would go to different festivals..and he would be out there (UM-CAC Art of the TShirt) screenprinting and doing the patches (Art Patch Project)..and I would hold up patches and talk to people..

..always out there, always resilient, always in the face of the system..

© 2012 video – Ron Schupp: Chris Drew Legacy Interview #13. by Nancy Bechtol, APA Photojournalist. Organizer for Free SAM. Free Speech Artists Movement. (note: “Chicago Five” case and the felony charges mentioned in this video –they were acquitted after 7 months through the judicial system) From the series of people sharing insights to the artist/activist and his life work.

SEE/Hear Ron Schupp:

—————————————Chicago Premiere at the Logan Theatre ,” Free Speech and the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” by Nancy Bechtol. Featuring indie Music by Behind the Sun-Andy Alton & David Mansfield “Paper Airplane” courtesy of Hey Now Records – one night only – 11.14.14 Friday 7:30 PM

See/Hear the Nancy Bechtol interview by Dan O’Donnell – Logan Square TV

An important documentary about street artist Chris Drew, and his challenges and victory defending First Amendment rights for all citizens, especially Artists. Chicago premiere at The Logan Theatre on Friday, 7:30pm November 14. The film, Free Speech and the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist is a film by Nancy Bechtol. Literally thousands of people across Chicago know Chris Drew, because of his vibrant presence in Chicago’s art community.

Original Music featured in the film is courtesy of Hey Now Records. “Paper Airplane” by Behind the Sun` Andy Alton & David Mansfield.

Trailer for the film:

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