Code Black Alert: Hard Hit at Illinois State Museums & ISM Chicago


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Illinois now in “Code Black”An emergency situation involving personal threats to safety of one or more persons in a  public place, including assaults, confrontations, hostage situations and  threats of personal injury or attack on Art or Culture of a People.

On 10. 14. 15  I am standing outside the now shuttered Illinois State Museum of Chicago in The State of Illinois Building, the Thompson Center and reflecting on the many times I had visited and even had the opportunity to show my work in several exhibits and screenings, alongside other Illinois Artists. A great number of artists were encouraged by this venue, as well as visitors including school groups engaged this resource with visits, panels, and artist talks. I thought of Jane Stevens, a long-time curator of ISM groundbreaking shows, too many to mention, but the likes of “Electronic Immersions” with groundbreaking visionaries like legendary Dan Sandin, IP (Image Processor Creator-who StateIll BuildingredChair-1brought it to share with iconic Phil Morton (mentor) giving rise to artist/students at SAIC -founder of Video Dept). There are so many artists and shows that would never have had a voice. Jane’s visionary curatorials with the American Indian Center Community has, for years, been intensely important. This includes shows which originated at the ISM-Chicago and traveled to linked museums, including Lockport, and the Illinois State Museum in Springfield. Jane is currently a Scholar at the Newberry Library and active in several projects for arts, history and culture.

 I cannot help but find myself reflecting on the state of art and culture in Illinois. What worth is given to it in Illinois? Evidently very little by the current administration, as I hear Gov. Rauner thinks this Helmut Jahn building is a “tear down”. Think of history. When all else is gone, the culture/art of a people tells the story for lifetimes.

For REFERENCE and more thought provoking topics:

Will Gov Rauner sell the building? BuildingfromthedonotTouch-1StateIll BuildingWeRegret-1StateIll BuildingBaumSIGN-1

Beloit Daily News: Rauner wants to sell downtown Chicago state office

 October 13, 2015 12:45 pm | Updated: 12:51 pm, Tue Oct 13, 2015.

Rauner wants to sell downtown Chicago state office building

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to hold a public auction to sell the James R. Thompson Center, which houses state government offices in downtown Chicago.

Rauner made the announcement Tuesday in the 16-story glass-paneled building’s large atrium, calling the building “ineffective” and a “very wasteful, very inefficient use of space.” He said selling the building and moving state workers elsewhere could save the state between $6 million and $12 million annually. He called it a “good move” for taxpayers.

 As a historical note of interest:

The stunning building also gave rise to suicides, and as I look up I imagine the leap to the target tiles 15 floors down.StateIll BuildingTargetbig15-1StateIll BuildingTargetbig-1 Excerpt from an article by Deanna Isaacs, The Chicago Reader. 10.11.11.“The James R. Thompson Center, which houses the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery, was shut down during a reception for an exhibit …after a woman plunged to her death from the 15th floor of the building’s spectacular atrium.According to Illinois State Police, it was the fifth suicide since the building opened in 1985.At 16 stories the Thompson Center is dwarfed by the city’s real skyscrapers, but architect Helmut Jahn managed to create an interior that gives the impression of startling, vertiginous height. The 54-year-old jumper, who was not a state employee, apparently climbed on a chair in order to get over a protective barrier between the open offices that rise in a dizzying, multistory semicircle around the atrium and the inviting void, with its marble-floor target so far below. A state police spokesperson said the last previous suicide there was in 2001”StateIll Building-1


These actions to shut the Illinois State Museums and destroy the Thompson Center is like State Suicide.

 It says, “just jump”  

 Life in Illinois is in the balance.

“…you say you want a Revolution?” FREE SPEECH permit may be required in Chicago!

“…you want a Revolution?” FREE SPEECH permit required in Chicago

The NYC/Chicago connection on declaration of “Art IS Speech” issue:

Chris Drew, Street Artist (1949-2012) who  for 25 years as an artist and founder of the Uptown Multi-Cultural Arts Center was trying to create a vibrant art scene in Chicago, especially downtown, where selling art is prohibited in the most viable locations without a “FREE SPEECH PERMIT”!

reference, Sam Love, Chris Drew Legacy video:

Yes, the permit is FREE, but restricted to 7 locations downtown, must be pre-approved, and you Still may not get it! In a recent screening of my socio/political documentary (1/24/15) at Revolution Books, Chicago “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist”(99 min) a deep postfilm discussion which included myself, an engaged audience, and probono attorney, Mark Weinberg,

(note: team included Joshua Kutnick,

probono attorney for the Criminal Defense, and won vs State Attorney Alvarez, by Judge Sacks ruling as the law was UNCONSTITUTIONAL, 2012)–was engaged on how rights varied with location, profiling, and topics

reference recent article by Deanna Isaacs, Chicago Reader: such as…”

Hey, the New Illinois Eavesdropping Law is Back!

In NYC it is OK to tape Cops at all times?” (the answer is YES!)

Verified by the man who was arrested over 40 times..and won!

Robert Lederman,President and founder of A.R.T.I.S.T. NYC (Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics) working since 1993 in order to fight the legal and political struggle for full First Amendment protection involving the creation, display and sale of art on NYC streets and in Parks

I recently got an email from Robert who stated:

I’m sure police all over the US see a “need” to restrict the public’s

right to tape them, especially with all the recent videos depicting

violent police overreactions.

Fortunately, here in NY there is no ambiguity. The NYPD’s own

documents describe the public’s right to tape them at all times

so locally this is a non-issue.

– Robert Lederman – Jan 2014.


So you say “ want a Revolution?” (Beatles lyrics, you can sing loudly now) well, you many want to reconsider, since there is this FREE SPEECH permit required in Chicago—so that may delay or restrict your right or negate your free speech, Well…hope that is not TOO inconvenient—————–

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