Justice Dept investigates Chicago Government: 16 Shots and a Coverup…

Chicagoans Unite in Many Marches: “Which Side You On?” No Justice No Peace” – “16 Shots & a Coverup” Justice Dept investigates…

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Pay tribute to an early visionary on the wake of it all..Video And Audiotapping police was illegal then—.Chris Drew, Street Artist, who sounded out the alarm early on in 2009 when he was arrested – for selling art for a $1, peddling, as an artist/activist  stating “Art IS Speech” 

but ended up fighting for Free Speech against charges of Class One Felony Eavesdropping – charges were changed by State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez- which carried-15 yrs in Prison.

His story now my indie film. He won!  History teaches. see it. on Amazon.com and also DVD at Revolution Books. Chicago.


——–Reference::-Excerpt from  The New York Times, Monica Davey. 12/5/15

“The hundreds of pages of documents add a new element to a case that has already upended this city, leading Mayor Rahm Emanuel to dismiss his police superintendent. Some officials, including Lisa Madigan, the state’s attorney general, have asked for a Justice Department review of the entire Police Department. While attention has largely been focused on Officer Van Dyke, the only officer to fire his gun at Mr. McDonald, the new records raise questions about the actions of other officers on the night of the shooting and about the culture within the department when it comes to policing one another.

On Saturday, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department noted that the case and any actions that may have followed the shooting remained part of a federal investigation, as well as a review by the Independent Police Review Authority, an agency that handles police shootings here.

“The Justice Department is currently investigating any actions and statements of C.P.D. officers in connection with this shooting


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This is what Democracy Looks like..Power of the People United is Powerful.

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