“WE the PEOPLE”–support democracy -spread the word! Art is Speech!

12.5.14::“WE the PEOPLE” |Victory!

Chris Drew UMCACreads tribune news Ill Law decared unconstitutiolarger

Chris Drew on location Silkscreening at May Day Rally ©nancy bechtol

Chris Drew on location Silkscreening at May Day Rally ©nancy bechtol

Logan Theatre Tech Check Chris_shot frm projection booth (1 of 1)


“WE the PEOPLE”–support democracy -spread the word! Art is Speech!

DATE: December 5 Friday, yes!

On the 5th anniversary week of Chris Drew’s arrest and subsequent unexpected challenge to the law that was overturned – The Illinois Eavesdropping Law by the Illinois Supreme Court (4/2014) celebrate victory!. Chris Drew’s Legacy is strong—let freedom ring!

Time: 11:30 am –-for about an hour…volunteers, your are invited too!…hand out flyers, buttons, etc, greeting all…smile. Mark Thomas, Candidate for the 44th Ward will be there too.

Meeting the public Always interesting.. on the street.

LOCATION: State Street between Randolph and Washington in front of Macy’s (where CDrew was arrested in 2009)

Special Note It is legal to give away anything– since we are giving away flyers, buttons, etc.

Only problem for Selling art. (smile)

Peace through Justice

for your reference:


Channel 2 NEWS report from 5/2014: Insightful – Where the now abolished Illinois Eavesdropping Law stands.

Legacy of CHRIS DREW! (1950-2012) and all those with him, special note to his pro bono attorneys! Josh Kutnick and Weinberg!




“Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist”feature documentary (99 min) premiered at the Logan Theatre, 11.14.14


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