Chris Drew: TRUTH on the “?” of Switch from Pedding Charges to Felony Eavesdropping

Chris Drew speaks on “?” of Peddling to Felony

I need to share with you this clip, it is very raw and intense. Deep. Chris Drew speaks on “? “of Peddling to Felony This video clip marks/reveals the beginning of the legal journey, shot shortly after he was released on bond and started to redirect his energies on the challenges ahead. date: Dec.29, 2009. He is carrying on the workshops and getting the word/truth out by blogging, going to events, and meeting with counsel, bracing for the court proceedings. Backed by first his probono Attorney Mark Weinberg, for the Constitutional Challenge/Peddling-Civil Rights, then for the Challenge of Felony Eavesdropping (4-15 yrs if convicted), criminal defense, probono Attorney Joshua Kutnick. This court proceeding went on for 2.5 years. He gave his life to the cause. He won. we all won. But Chris would say “the fight is never over when it comes to your rights.”

Nancy Bechtol

See/Hear the raw interview with Chris:

Chris would call me and ask that I record him throughout the journey. I told him I would so here it is. He wanted a record of it all, and towards the end, asked me to “tell the story” I agreed. I accumulated countless hours in 5 different formats, from cell phone to DSLR (in the latter part for a few interviews) now the 99 min film you now will see– It is his story, it is the story of Free Speech. this clip is when I talked with Chris at the beginning of the ordeal, as he was out on a $20,000 bail and facing the 1st Class Felony Eavesdropping Charges. He speaks on the reasons he believes his challenge to the City’s Peddling Ordinance were dropped, and the Felony was imposed. his charges were deeply involved with others faced for years under this same law. Filmed on location The American Indian Center, Chicago location of the nonprofit he founded, the Uptown Multi-Cultural Arts Center, where he helped bridge the digital divide and inspire and teach for 25 years.Chicago Premiere at the Logan Theatre ,” Free Speech and the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” by Nancy Bechtol. Featuring indie Music by Behind the Sun-Andy Alton & David Mansfield “Paper Airplane” courtesy of Hey Now Records – one night only – 11.14.14 Friday 7:30 PM

See/Hear the Nancy Bechtol interview by Dan O’Donnell – Logan Square TV

An important documentary about street artist Chris Drew, and his challenges and victory defending First Amendment rights for all citizens, especially Artists. Chicago premiere at The Logan Theatre on Friday, 7:30pm November 14. The film, Free Speech and the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist is a film by Nancy Bechtol. Literally thousands of people across Chicago know Chris Drew, because of his vibrant presence in Chicago’s art community.

Original Music featured in the film is courtesy of Hey Now Records. “Paper Airplane” by Behind the Sun` Andy Alton & David Mansfield.

Trailer for the film:

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