“First Amendment 2-Fer” : Curtis Black speaks

CurtisBlackGrab.jpgWB“First Amendment 2-Fer”:Curtis Black speaks

Is a new generation of Artists and Activists going to step up and push this? Is the City Council going to take another look at this Street Peddler Ordinance and make it a little less onerous for artists ( abolish/change the Street Peddler Ordinance)

See hear/ Curtis Black


..(Chris Drew) He had this wise-ness, and sort of wild-ness to him, which made a big impression on me. He had this cause, which was revising, reforming this very draconian was the Street Peddler’s Ordinance, which has a lot of intricacies which don’t foster free expression..

First time I wrote about him was in Dec. ’09 when he was arrested. He was held for 2 days in Cook County jail, and he finds out they are dropping the charges on the ordinance he wanted to challenge-and they were charging him with this Felony for Eavesdropping, which was an amazing thing to find out that that law existed. So the piece I did was the “First Amendment 2-Fer” He wanted to make one First Amendment challenge, and he’s ending up making a very serious second First Amendment challenge at the same time.

So one of his legacies is that Anita Alvarez (Ill. State’s Attorney) is kinda on the spot on this and a number of other areas where she’s not pursuing police misconduct, in fact, she seems to be protecting-covering up police misconduct..

another (legacy of Chris) is that he was part of questioning this Eavesdropping Law, and that has gained so much momentum..

in a large part, due to his efforts.

Update: March 2014. The Illinois Eavesdropping Law was abolished by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Curtis Black speaks© 2012 video/Chris Drew Legacy Interview . by Nancy Bechtol, APA Photojournalist. This video is in a series of people sharing insights to the artist/activist and his life. Chris Drew Legacy Interviews (16) Curtis Black, at the time of this interview, was Editor of Newstips and with the Community Media Workshop. shot on location at CAN TV..—————————————————————————-

Chris Drew, Exec. Director (volunteer) for the nonprofit organization he founded, UM-CAC, Uptown Multicultural Arts Center, his dedication to community helped bridge the digital divide for those who did not have access to computers. He ran workshops on computer use/internet at the American Indian Center, Uptown, Chicago started in the 90s aimed at people who did not have access to the technology. He taught hundreds how to silkscreen, and was active/founder of the Art Patch Project (The Art Patch Project (APP) uses art to promote social justice and free speech rights. Originally started by Chris Drew, a champion for First Amendment rights, APP is a unique project combining art, grassroots organizing, participatory learning, community building and entrepreneurship to raise awareness about free speech rights and other social justice issues and the FREE SAM (Free Speech Artists Movement) His passion for the arts and supporting our rights as citizens, especially for artists, was his lifetime commitment.———————————————————————————————–Chicago Premiere at the Logan Theatre ,” Free Speech and the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” by Nancy Bechtol. Featuring indie Music by Behind the Sun-Andy Alton & David Mansfield “Paper Airplane” courtesy of Hey Now Records one night only – 11.14.14 Friday 7:30 PM

See/Hear the Nancy Bechtol interview by Dan O’Donnell – Logan Square TV


An important documentary about street artist Chris Drew, and his challenges and victory defending First Amendment rights for all citizens, especially Artists. Chicago premiere at The Logan Theatre on Friday, 7:30pm November 14. The film, Free Speech and the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist is directed by Logan Square resident, Nancy Bechtol. Literally thousands of people across Chicago know Chris Drew, because of his vibrant presence in Chicago’s art community

Original Music featured in the film is courtesy of Hey Now Records. http://www.heynowrecords.com “Paper Airplane” by Behind the Sun` Andy Alton & David Mansfield.

Trailer for the film:


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