#ChiCritMass ~ right/ride on! Raven Roberts speaks on Chris Drew

@ChiCritMass~right/ride on!| Raven speaks on DREW

Raven Roberts-Potawatomi-Miqma-Onedia – Speaking on Chris Drew and Critical Mass link. Heralding the love of bikes and support surrounding both. Raven is a Native American artist, Educator. She knew Chris since she was 5 years old, along with many members of her family and friends from the American Indian Center. Raven was also a community artist with the Uptown Multi-Cultural Arts Center (UM-CAC)© 2012 video/Chris Drew Legacy Interview #6. by Nancy Bechtol, APA Photojournalist.

Raven Roberts_ “it was good to see all the love and support…” a lot of bikers, knowing Chris was a biker too.


Original art patch by Raven and clips from the Critical Mass Memorial Bike ride in honor of Chris featured in this video. On location Chicago Downtown. Filmed at The American Indian Center. Uptown, Chicago.

Chris Drew, was the Exec. Director of the Uptown Multi-Cultural Arts Center (volunteer position) located/housed at AIC for 25 years. on the 3rd floor and was a part of the community and taught many how to silkscreen for free, use and repair computers, helping Bridge the digital divide, and participated, and helped develop programs at the AIC. This video is one in a series of several people sharing insights to the artist/activist and his life.

Now the story of his art, activism and love of Free Speech.

1.14.14 Chicago Premiere at the Logan Theatre! indie feature documentary, by Nancy Bechtol “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” (99 min)

See/Hear the Nancy Bechtol interview by Dan O’Donnell – Logan Square TV


An important documentary about street artist Chris Drew, and his felony trial for recording police, will premiere at The Logan Theatre on November 14. Original Music featured in the film is courtesy of Hey Now Records.  http://www.heynowrecords.com “Paper Airplane”  by Behind the Sun` Andy Alton & David Mansfield.

3 thoughts on “#ChiCritMass ~ right/ride on! Raven Roberts speaks on Chris Drew

    • nancy bechtol says:

      The Critical Mass was deep in the heart and actions of Chris Drew. hope you can all (well maybe not all…that is a lot!) can come to the Logan Theatre on 11.14.14 fri eve 7.30pm Logan has tickets online now too.. to see this very indie, to the core, plus you just may see yourselves in it, for sure.. in solidarity. peace and justice

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