This Law gone! What happens now?–Film The Police Everywhere – Including Illinois

This Law gone! What happens now?–Remember it is Now your right to record police in Illinois
This Law gone! What happens now?-Relevant and important history, posting this on Chris Drew, Street Artist eternal birthday. RIP (1950-2012)

Remember the legacy of Chris, Michael and Tiawanda here in Illinois impacts everyone–and others who made this happen.-Remember it is Now your right to record police in Illinois, see the visual history! Chris Drew included in video by

Film The Police Everywhere – Including Illinois
When in Chicago, the 7th stop of the Police Accountability Tour ( ), Pete & Garret sought to help clarify the fact that recording police interactions is just. RELATED POST w/ RESOURCES…

11.14.14 see the Chicago Premiere of “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” (99 min) at Logan Theatre. His mission was to make Chicago a better place and increase free speech and all our rights! See C Drew story unfold during our lifetimes..dedicated to Peace through Justice

Chicago indie film indie music coming soon~ all the way the Heartbeat

Chicago Indie with Indie Music on Local Feature film 11.14.14

Chicago indie all the way-and very timely…Listen to clips from the songs/Album which is the Heartbeat of the story. true. featured on the soon to be Chicago Premiere, 11.14.14. at the Logan Theatre. “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist”
Behind the Sun. Andy Alton & David Mansfield..

Search for : singles and album Paper Airplane 44.1k

Information About The Different Formats 96k – This is a high resolution audio format (higher sample rate than standard CD quality and a higher bit rate than CD quality as well) and highly recommended for the audiophile in…

11.14. 14 indie film which impacts us all – we all win!

Dateline: Chicago. USA. Chicago Premiere at Logan Theatre. ON 11.14.14 here are media links and on IMDb for the deep background of this social documentary indie film by Nancy Bechtol. Indie Music courtesy of Hey Now Records. Chris Drew, street:

Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist (2014) official sites, and other sites with posters, videos, photos and more.

Chris Drew’s own words.. beyond the grave –Echo: Nick Digilio Show WGN with Tony Fitzpatrick and Dimitri Samarov

Flashback Nov 2009 Just came across this in my files, and felt compelled to share. The interview no longer readily found online. A segment is in the feature documentary “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” release 2014.

Chris Drew had spoken to me shortly after the radio interview.on the Nick Digilio WGN radio program– Essentially verbal attack on Chris calling him a “mook” and dismissing his mission in art and social the guests, Tony Fitzpatrick and to a lesser degree, Dimitri Samarov.
Remember all you write is for history, and may be passed on, and you are responsible for all you do/say!  This attachment is Chris Drew Post on his own Blog

Note that this attached pdf is taken as is from Chris Drew Blog, and now the LINKS are no longer active/or appropriate.
C Drew speaks Tony Fitzpatrick_Samarov on Digilio Show- his BLOGxcropped-actfreechris_occupy-chicagonotxt_aic.jpg